Mr. Punch’s Dilemma: Illusions of Freedom

A Dark and Haunting Short Animation Film Explores a Puppet’s Battle to Distinguish Dreams from Reality, While Confronting the Harsh Truths of His Captivity

M.A.D., a passionate theater professional and filmmaker, had always been captivated by the power of storytelling. With a deep appreciation for the transformative nature of theater, M.A.D. was inspired to create something truly unique and thought-provoking. This led to the birth of Mr. Punch, a short film that took audiences on a surreal journey into the world of a traditionally known character with a modern twist.


  • Animation
  • Film
  • Illustration
  • Creative Directing


  • Award of Excellence: Biennale of Valencia, Spain

Official Selection

  • LAVS Festival Mataro, Spain
  • ROS Film Festival, Alicante, Spain
  • The Pause Festival, US
  • Lift-OFF Festival, London, England

Unveiling the Tale of Mr. Punch

Mr. Punch, the central character of the film, wakes up one day to find his freedom limited within the confines of a theater room. Caught in a bewildering maze of dreams and reality, Mr. Punch struggles to decipher the two, while his once-beloved art form is reduced to a heartless digital product. Drawing on the origins of Mr. Punch as a grotesque mirror of society in a traditional puppet show that often ended in slapstick situations, M.A.D. crafted a visually stunning and thought-provoking narrative that challenged perceptions and pushed the boundaries of creativity.

Collaborating with the talented artist Carlos Marques, M.A.D. brought the story of Mr. Punch to life through meticulous drawings and attention to detail. Technology became the tool that enabled M.A.D. to manifest their creative visions in high definition, breathing life into Mr. Punch and his surreal world.

After 10 months of relentless work, pouring their heart and soul into every frame of the film, M.A.D. finally released Mr. Punch to the world. The reception was overwhelming, as the film earned the prestigious Award of Excellence at the Biennale of Valencia, Spain, and was selected for numerous festivals around the world. It was a testament to M.A.D.’s unwavering passion for their craft and their commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

As M.A.D. continues on their artistic journey, they are grateful for the opportunity to bring Mr. Punch to life and to share it with audiences worldwide. They hope that this film sparks meaningful conversations, challenges perceptions, and inspires others to embrace the limitless possibilities of storytelling. After all, as Mr. Punch himself once said, “That’s the way to do it!”